... Jesus‘ Wife

What some consider blasphemy, others see as a natural thing: the assumption that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ wife. One can find very contrary information in literature:

‘Mary Magdalene was not only the woman with a special closeness to Jesus – the assumption that there was an erotic relationship between her and Jesus is an old one. As a woman (!) she was the first one to hear about the news of Christ’s resurrection, which is the basis of Christianity. Afterwards, she also had to spread the news (www.heiligenlexikon.de).’

‘Jesus was not married. There is no hint of an erotic relationship between Jesus and Mary of Magdala (a place in Galilee) in any reliable report. She was extremely grateful to Jesus, and adored him, because he had cast seven demons from her. She was a member of a group of women who materially supported Jesus, and his twelve disciples, on their journeys (Luke 8, 2-3); (www.jesus.ch).’


The Gospel of Jesus's Wife: A New Coptic Gospel Papyrus

Resources about the fourth-century papyrus fragment available here are images of the fragment and a translation of the text; information (in question-and-answer format) about the fragment; and a draft of Karen L. King's article about the gospel papyrus. Read more... http://www.hds.harvard.edu/faculty-research/research-projects/the-gospel-of-jesuss-wife


Find an interview with the scientist Karen L. King on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnQZSfkCBEo


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