The Symbols of Mary Magdalene and her Companions



Since 1998 I have been transferring symbols medially from the spiritual world to the material world.

At the beginning of the year 2013 I received an order from Mary Magdalene to convey symbols of some of her companions into the material world as well, virtually as energetic tools for the personal and spiritual growth.

As a first step the symbols are always crafted by hand, out of which the symbol cards are created subsequently. You may find a detailed description of the symbols in my blog (posts no. 81-103).

A small guidebook is attached to the symbol cards, which elaborates on the meaning of the respective symbols and includes a message from each of the 21 Ascended Masters (an extensive practical handbook on these spiritual tools is scheduled for 2014). Click here to learn more about the symbol cards >>

A corresponding Master Aura Essence is available for selected symbols.

Click here for an overview of Mary Magdalene’s Symbols >>

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