I have already explained in the chapter, ‘Messages’, how I came across Mary Magdalene. When I had my first conscious contact with her, I was not sure in what sort of way we should work together. I could feel her very clearly, and I knew – similar to my commitment with the angels – that it was much more than personal enthusiasm for Mary Magdalene.


In the last few years it has sometimes been a challenge for me, to commit myself, as a modern woman of the 21st century, to the angels. This is particularly so, because I do not see myself as a religious person in the common sense. So it was even harder for me, to stand up for a so-called biblical figure, such as Mary Magdalene.


Today, I know, and feel quite clearly, the task she has passed on to me. On a voluntary basis, of course, because

it is everybody’s own decision, whether they want to work for and through her. I am not the classical channel medium, but more the voice for her, when she wants to attract our attention, or just offer her energies.


It is my task to work at the interface between present and past, between now and history, between the biblical figure and the Ascended Master, and to rehabilitate Mary Magdalene. We have done her wrong for much too long. It is time to recognize her as what she really is: our companion through times, our sister, our friend, our protector. Time has come to dust off old traditions.


For completely different activities, which have become my main job and vocation since 1998, get more information here:

symbols & essences

For many years I have been in close contact with the spiritual world. I had been working as a kinesiologist when, in 1998, I got the message from the angelic world to

channel, produce and distribute energized angel symbols and angel essences as spiritual tools of the New Age. They are the basis of my work.


As intermediary between the spiritual and material world, I pass on my knowledge and experiences on the Angel / Master Symbols and Angel / Master Essences, and on other spiritual topics, in books. They have been translated into different languages and spread the energies of the

angels by means of the symbols.


As I appreciate independence, I founded my own publishing company a few years ago, which is named after one of my angels, Ekonja-publishing.


An important aspect of my job is to make the practical application of the symbols and essences known to private persons, alternative therapists, teachers, midwives, masseurs, healing practitioners, energy practitioners, etc. in training seminars.

Once or twice a year, I also offer a seminar on Mary Magdalene.


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social media

To begin with, I was sceptical. But now the most common social media networks, such as facebook, are part of my most important communication possibilities. In this way I get to know new people every day, who are interested in my mission, and my job. Most of them are spiritually seeking, or already have experience with angels and ascended masters. Some, on the other hand, are at the beginning of their conscious spiritual journey.

It gives me the chance to get in contact with different people from different countries over great distances in an

easy and uncomplicated way. I can answer questions and



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