In the footsteps of Mary Magdalene

When I heard about Mary Magdalene going to the south of France, with a few friends, after Jesus’ death, I considered it as an old wives’ tale. Such a long journey, from Israel or Egypt to the south of France, 2000 years ago? On the other hand, the Romans had also crossed the Mediterranean then, and a long time before them the Phoenicians. Technically speaking it was perfectly feasible, so why not for Mary Magdalene and her companions?

Browsing through internet pages with religious backgrounds, you do come across topics such as ‘Mary Magdalene in the south of France’. Not to mention the numerous adorations of Mary Magdalene in the Provence and Languedoc, which have continued over the centuries. Travelling through the country, and looking at churches, you find an above-average number of Magdalene pictures and statues, more than anywhere else in Central Europe. Mary Magdalene is also worshipped in Paris, but particularly in Chartres.


I enjoy following Mary Magdalene’s traces and like to travel to the south of France. As I love taking photos, I always come back with a wide range of pictures. I will show part of it on my homepage, and update it regularly.

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Enjoy diving into the land of Mary Magdalene!